The Shop Edit

The Shop is a application located in The Phone. The Shop holds a variety of different equipment that can be bought using in-game money.

Reels Edit

There are seven reels in the game.

Reel Description Cost
50M Line "Your first line. You two go way back." N/A (Starting item)
100M Line "Increases your line to 100m. Compensate for your lack of distance." $40
200M Line "Increases your line to 200m. A nice lavendar color you'll love." $250
300M Line "Dive deep to a whole new 300m. Enough to reach the bottom of Home Waters!" $500
500M Line "500m, wowie! That'll reach the bottom of Stormy Seas!" $2,000
700M Line " $7,000
Infinity Reel " $20,000

Guns Edit

There are eleven guns in the game.

Gun Description Cost
Pistol "Ol' Trusty. Honest, simple, and most importantly: Free." N/A (Starting item)
Shotgun "chk chk BOOM" $200
Uzi "Roll like a gangsta." $580
Akimbo Uzis "Use two of your ten inputs to output murder!" $1,700
Minigun "Take dead aim on the rich fish." $2,600
Akimbo Miniguns " $20,000
Magnum "Feeling lucky?" $3,000
Blunderbus "*chk chk chk chk BOOOOOM* The superman of shotguns." $3,000
Auto Shotgun " $12,500
Orbital Ray " $10,000
Bazooka " $50,000

Lures Edit

There are eight lures in the game.

Lure Description Cost
Basic Lure "You can catch fish with this! Works well underwater. 100% Guarantee." N/A (Starting item)
Chainsaw Lure "For those who don't want to go around fish. Tap and hold to use while fishing." $120
Fuel Tank "Allows you to boost longer." $800
Boost-Saw Lure "Allows you to descend faster while sawing." $1,200
Hover-Saw Lure "Allows you to descend faster while sawing, or rise slower on command." $1,800
Swiss-Made Lure $10,000
Massive Fuel Tank $8,000
Oil Drilling Permit $25,000

Tech Edit

There are nine tech items in the game.

Item Description Cost
Spring "Makes the fish fly higher with the fury of their own velocity." $600
Antigravity $6,500
Toaster "A second chance! With this, the first fish you hit get the juice. (Dies of electrocution)." $900
Hairdryer "A third chance! The second fish you hit gets electrocuted (the most expensive hairdryer in the world)." $2,300
Tesla Coil $12,000
Boot "Allows you to start at 100m in Home Waters (after you've reached it once.)" $1,000
Knife $7,000
Lamp "A must have for deep-sea fishing." $600
Large Lamp " $4,000

Misc. Edit

There are nine miscellaneous items in the game.

Item Description Cost
Cap "The finest in redneck headwear." $2
Fishopedia "#2 Best fishing guide of 1996." $30
Suit "Made of cashmere wool, allows you to sell fish for 10% more." $1,200
Wizard Robe $6,000
Emperor's Suit $30,000
Paper Hat $80,000
Pirate Hat $80,000
Army Hat $10,000
Hunting Hat $10,000

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